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There are many hair growth serums on the market, but some contain harmful chemicals that cause your hair to become dry and brittle. MoroccanSoulBeauty Hair Growth Serum uses only natural oils like cold-pressed Argan Oil and Castor Oil, Rosemary which promote healthy hair growth. To maximize the results of MoroccanSoulBeauty Hair Growth Serum, you should follow this hot oil at home treatment guide one time per week!


How Hot Oil treatment Helps Hair?


Hot Oil Treatment are great for repairing dry hair and preventing split ends because they seal the outer layer of skin cells, giving moisture back to the follicles. A good hot oil hair treatment—including a scalp massage and allowing enough time for the oils to soak deep into the roots of the hair—can result in silky, healthy-looking ,while leaving your scalp feeling clean and revitalized. 

Can Hot Oils Help with Dandruff?


Although hot oil treatments for the scalp may offer some relief from dandruff, they will only do so if this type of dandruff is due to an overly dry scalp (as opposed to one caused by a fungal infection).Hot oils are known for their ability to stimulate blood flow and releases skin from clinging onto the surface of the head, which was flaking off or becoming dried up - it also leaves one's scalp feeling moisturized and refreshed when rinsed out.


Hot Oil Hair Treatments for Frizzy, Curly, and/or Textured Hair 

Frizzy or textured hair benefits the most from a hot oil hair treatment, because it has a tendency to get dry. As someone with this type of hair, I would recommend using a hot oil treatment for deep conditioning, specifically during the winter when it tends to be at its drier state.


is There Anything You Shouldn't Do With a Hot Oil Treatment?

To start, there are a few things to keep in mind when giving yourself a hot oil hair treatment. Most importantly is the temperature of the oil; if you make it too hot, you could easily scald your scalp and end up permanently damaging those follicles. There's also some rules for application which include waiting until your hair is clean before applying and never applying oils when your hair is dry or dirty because they tend to clog pores. When hair is wet, the cuticle is slightly open so this is when oils and conditioners are most readily accepted by the skin


How do you apply a hot oil hair treatment at home? 

The following steps are a easy way to to treat yourself to at home hot oil hair treatment:

Add MoroccanSoulBeauty Growth Oil to a heat-safe bowl or glass container. Place the bowl in boiling water so that it can simmer until you deem it ready.

Once the heated oil reaches an appropriate temperature (tested on your wrist),            before massaging onto the scalp. 

Rub warmed MoroccanSoulBeauty Growth Oil between both palms, then apply it directly onto the scalp, using fingertips, spread it evenly across all strands of hair - from roots all the way to tips - cover head with shower cap, and wait 15-30 mins (as much time as needed). Rinse out hair using lukewarm water; shampoo again using lukewarm water; finally, conditioner only if necessary!


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