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MS Beauty is an Authentic line of Pure Natural skin care dedicated to provide the highest Raw Quality Skin Body and Hair care products right from the source Morocco. Our proven effective products are suitable for all skin types—including sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. At MS Beauty we are passionate about embracing Natural Beauty and we believe everyone is Beautiful.  Our native moroccan ingredients, are Unisex and can be used by any gender at any age. 


Our products

Partnering with one of Morocco’s leading family of scientists, pharmacists and biologist in southwestern Morocco to guarantee that all MS Beauty products are made from only the best quality Raw ,100% Natural and Organic ingredients.  Our oils are extracted through a number of refining processes before being analyzed for quality; this guarantees that they'll meet all your needs and expectations. Each ingredient we use is carefully inspected to make sure it meets our rigorous standards before finally being packaged in our headquarter laboratory - so it also holds ECOCERT certification! All our ingredients come from native Moroccan plants harvested by our local farmers who grow them without pesticides or herbicides - We take great pride in ensuring that native Moroccan products remain untouched so you can feel the difference!


Empowering women, one beautiful product at a time. 

MS Beauty we support Women Empowerment we have the honor to join the biggest Union of Cooperatives in south west Morocco located all over the Argan Region. By providing economic independence to around 1300 berber women that inhabit the Argan forest. Our stock of natural raw material never gets limited we have access to Argan nuts from all the region.


Our Packaging 

All of our bottles come in beautiful violet glass and are custom-painted with our signature white color to preserve our oils from harmful UV rays keeping them fresh for longer - giving you more time to enjoy them!