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Light Therapy Face Mask with 7 LED Colors - MoroccanSoulBeauty

Experience the benefits of professional light therapy right in the comfort of your own home with the 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Face Mask. This revolutionary mask offers seven different colors to help combat acne, clear and brighten skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, minimize pores, balance skin tone, accelerate blood circulation, and improve skin elasticity.

Our must-have mask is designed to inhibit the formation of melanin pigment while firming and enhancing skin texture. With just a simple plug-in at home, you can enjoy a spa-like treatment and transform your skin.

Made with high-quality materials and advanced LED technology, our mask is safe, gentle, and easy to use. Say goodbye to expensive salon treatments and hello to radiant, youthful-looking skin with the 7 Colors LED Light Therapy Face Mask.


How To

--First ensure your LED mask is charged using provided Micro-USB cable (Red light device charging- Green Light device charged)Gently Clean your face and apply your favorite soothing and hydrating serum.

--Comfortably place MS Beauty LED Mask over your face. Press the power button about (2-3 seconds) located on the left side of the device to Power your LED Light ask and start your light therapy session. 

--Press the power button to change Light setting until desired LED Light Color Appears.

--Place the product on face for 3-10mins. (Device has self-timer in 10-minute increments

--Hold Power Button down until Product power off.

We recommend that you use this mask three to five times a week, and up to ten minutes per use.


  • Polish Mask with dry cloth after use and do not wash with water.
  • Store Mask in a cool and dry place avoiding humidity and direct sun light or store it in the box.


  • Do not submerge product in water or liquid.
  • Keep out od reach of children.
  • Do Not use Device while charging.



Customer Reviews

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i had wonderful experience with MS Beauty LED Mask, First Class product with outstanding customer service. Two of my friends have purchased the mask since i bought mine. I use it twice a week and swear by the result.

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